ABOUT Simone Willimann


Welcome to Soul Infinities  by Simone Willimann


A very warm hello from my atelier in Chiang Mai, an ancient city in the North of Thailand.


This is where I reside with my husband, my two wonderful children and the two kitties Stella and Luna. Besides from my own creative artwork. I also teach from my home in Chiang Mai, a city with mountainous surrounding, which inspires me.  


My love affair with art dates back as long as I can remember.  Endless visits to the museums with my grandfather captured my interest from a very early age. I was fascinated by art exhibitions and wanted to see as many artworks and meet as many artists as possible. However, as life had it-  it was only at the age of 30 that I finally was able to focus on art again.


At that time I moved to South east Asia where the temples and mountains are a constant inpiration. the smells, sights, sounds awaken all my senses.


I found my way to Buddha statues, images, paintings or rather Buddha images have found me from a commissioned painting. 

Over the years I did an extensive research on Buddhist art and the variety of Buddha images and to me  the general sense and perception of beauty is mirrored in the statues and ancient paintings of Buddha.

My portraits of Buddha are not religious, they are rather spiritual and a celebration of beauty and serenity are often achieved.


My paintings are strongly influenced  by  my travels. I am studying and living in South East Asia for so long; that it has become a second nature to me. I try to challenge myself  and experiment with out of the box ideas and to expand my own boundaries.  


My Buddha paintings are not just mere paintings. Whilst drawing them the image itself seems to have a certain radiation - a charisma that that is freed when painting. Hence all of my paintings have a message of their own, a message you have to discover for yourself. 



Moved From Switzerland to Bangkok in 1990

Bali, Jakarta,Kuala Lumpur back to Jakarta, Lahore and Chiang Mai are the stations of my life journey.

Solo and group Exhibitions in Jakarta, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore and Chiang Mai





Tel: +66-91-8597500


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